Fuvar – Speditor app.

Application features:

>>> Language localization can be solved.

A multi-faceted registration application for day-to-day operations that provides instant statistical data for future planning. Multi-user software based on MySQL database. Remote monitoring capability. Allow user activities to be authorized.

It has a multi-year, 7/24 running time!

Since the entire application is self-developed – with the support of a spedition company – in case of a new installation, the specific needs of the given company can be realized by developing new features!


~ Tracking fuel consumption,

Detection of Fuel Usage

– petrol stations
– by country

Real-time data, by-country and by petrol stations.

– Relationship to real fuel consumption for fuel norm
– Consumption per vehicle / driver

~ Record freight data

– Place / time of loading / unloading, time, km hour, etc.
– consumption of standard empty / loaded freight.


By translating the original standard data, the previously set freight standards are overwritten by the program. These can be compared to the fuel consumption measured / calculated. The program will take into account, for example, fuel consumed by a compressor. The calculation is accurate because the calculation of the standard is adjusted to the full refueling.


Comparison of actual fueling and standard consumption:


Here, you can see that there is a difference between normal and actual (fueled) consumption. 30,36L/100km ~ 31,95L/100km

~ Details of trucks / trailers

– Alerts for technical validity expiration.

~ Inspecting insurance events

~ Employee records

– Automatic form filling when a new employee is added
– Alarms on expiration of documents


*** Modify existing features, add new options to your individual needs. ***